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Our goal is go help you see the global landscape of an enterprise by focusing on the intersection of operations and tax.  We partner with an international team of deep technical business and tax specialists to bring you the latest in global thought leadership.

Focused on Your Future

Our team of global specialists can assist you in identifying where business and tax efficiencies can be achieved on a global basis by focusing on cross-border transactions, the structure utilized and reducing both tax and operating costs.

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Areas of Focus

Tax Strategies

Focus on operations and cross-border transactions to evaluate alternatives to achieve tax efficiency.

Indirect Taxes

Focus on cross-border transactions and the minimization of GST/VAT and related compliance on such transactions.


Focus on the coordination and collaboration with local country tax professionals to ensure local country tax returns and elections are completed in a timely manner.

Transfer Pricing

Focus on cross-border transactions with attention to debt, services, tangible and intangible property. Emphasis on using transfer pricing as a strategic tool while meeting the global compliance requirements.

Trade & Customs

Focus on cross-border transactions, reviewing local country trade regulations and the impact of duties on such transactions.

Human Capital

Focus on the movement of personnel globally and the activities they undertake in a country. Drive to gain tax efficiency for the employee with an eye toward minimizing entry-level tax.

Our Project Management Process

Our cost effective and efficient approach to global tax planning is focused on analyzing the cross-border operations and transactions of an enterprise.  Most planning will encompass many components of our service offerings.


Review of the "Current State" and desired "Future State"


Strategies generation and design to achieve the "Future State"


Vetting and feasibility analysis of selected strategies with management team; develop Action Plan, Time Line and Cost/Benefit Analysis


Implementation and execution of the agreed upon Action Plan


Annual review of planning to confirm plan is operating properly

Why Choose Us

An Integrated Global Team

Global Tax Focus’ integrated approach allows us to anticipate and provide the latest business and tax intelligence to you in managing your global business and worldwide effective tax rate.

Recommended Expertise

Personal Testimonials

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jim for the last number of years. Jim is fantastic at breaking down complex international US tax issues into smaller bite size pieces that are easy to understand. Jim is extremely thorough, conscientious and his responses to tax problems are always well thought out, articulated well and practical.

Adam Sherer

Tax Partner

I worked with Jim and his team recently to make sure that Chargifi was ready for expansion from the UK to the US. Jim has the ability to make the complex simple, focusing you on what you need to do while ensuring that the detail is managed efficiently. His wide network is immediately placed at your disposal and he has a warm and inclusive manner which makes him a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Jim very highly.

Peter Wallace

Chief Financial Officer at Chargifi

I first started working with Jim in 2013.  He developed an efficient global tax strategy for us in short order.  Additionally he was able to collaborate with the appropriate legal expertise in the various regions of the world to complete the rollout.  I have called on Jim over the years many times for introductions and collaboration throughout the globe.  He hasn’t let me down.  I recommend Jim for any global tax strategy that you may be considering.

Jeff Schramm

Chief Financial Officer at Lehigh Technologies
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